The Words Under Le Vesconte’s Hand

By Logan Zachary.  March 7, 2020.

Working off the Code of Signals book title figured out by Russell Potter and Huw Lewis-Jones, I found a 10th edition Marryat Code of Signals book whose outer cover matches the label/font/style of the one Le Vesconte holds in his daguerreotype. His likely being an "EIGHTH" edition, the type is arranged slightly differently.

However, the 10th's similarity lets us now read all type visible in the daguerreotype.

I copy/pasted the matching letters in the final photos onto the daguerreotype.

Le Vesconte Daguerreotype: Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge.

The Le Vesconte book title was figured out by Russell Potter and Huw Lewis-Jones in 2009 in this Visions of the North article, well worth a read.

Originally posted March 7, 2020 (link to private group):