A Franklin Expedition Guide to London

A Franklin Expedition Guide to Greenwich’s Polar Worlds

Reversing the Chronometers at the Boat Place

A Northwest Passage Relic in an Old Photograph

Sophia Cracroft's Lost Inscription

The Gold Cap Band

Cheyne's Motion Pictures

The Missing Toy Sledge from Erebus (The Last McClintock Relic)

Observations on the Victory Point Record 

Photo:  Inscription on the Erebus Bay Boat Stem

The Words Under Le Vesconte's Hand

Edwards the Carpenter and the Discovery of the Boat Place

The Medallion on Irving's Tombstone

Where The Fox Docked

Who Was Photographed With The Fox?

Finding Pim in London's Kensal Green Cemetery

The Cape Riley Rake

Searching for Relic Photos at the RUSI in London

Resource: Cheyne's Relics

Resource:  The RUSI Acquisitions List, 1850-1960

Relic Identifications Inside a Sketch of Schwatka Relics

Photos:  The Modern Relics

Photos:  The Victorian Reliquary

Photos:  Bust of Jane, Lady Franklin, at the RGS in London

Photos:  The Beechey Papers

Photos:  The '3rd Note' – the Disko Bay Record

Resource:  Disposal Records of the RUSI Museum

A Northwest Passage Guide to Kensal Green Cemetery

Photos:  1840/5 Daguerreotype Camera at the V&A

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Erebus video:  F3 From Bow to Stern

Erebus video:  F4 The Unlisted Artifact

Erebus video:  F10 Port Bower Anchor

Erebus video:  F11 Orlop Deck

Erebus video:   F12 Object in the Forecastle

Erebus video:  F13 Beneath the Stern

Erebus video:  F14 Starboard Debris Field

Erebus video:  F15 Erebus Reference Tag #13

Erebus video:  F16 Port Stern Debris Field