My name is Logan Zachary.  I am an Upper Midwest truck driver doing amateur Franklin Expedition research.

The articles on this website have resulted in a change of provenance for a half dozen Franklin Expedition relics, e.g. from Beechey to King William Island, or from a Schwatka relic to a McClintock relic, etc.  Further articles have catalogued a century of Franklin relic acquisitions at a lost museum, identified alternate versions of the first Franklin relic photography, recovered the erased grave inscription of Sophia Cracroft, and rediscovered the history of the first Franklin relic, the Cape Riley Rake.  

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        Where The Fox Docked.

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2020 December.
        The Cape Riley Rake.

2020 November.
        The Gold Cap Band.

2020 October.
        Cheyne’s Relics.

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        Underlined All Well.