My name is Logan Zachary.  I am an Upper Midwest truck driver doing amateur Franklin Expedition research.

The articles on this site have resulted in a change of provenance for a half dozen Franklin Expedition relics, e.g. from Beechey to King William Island, or from a Schwatka relic to a McClintock relic, etc.  Further articles have uncovered a new source on the discovery of the Boat Place, determined the provenance of Franklin relics buried with Abraham Lincoln, identified alternate versions of the earliest Franklin relics photography, and recovered the erased portion of Sophia Cracroft’s grave inscription.  

For new illuminator article alerts, and to monitor Franklin search news, I write an intentionally rare and brief newsletter.  The goal is to only hit your inbox when something significant is happening: Parks Canada dive season news, a new Doug Stenton discovery, etc.  Of my own articles, only the more significant ones will trigger a new issue.  

Expect a month or two between releases.  Each issue should take just a few seconds to read.  Click here (link) to browse the archive of previous issues.  (If you don’t immediately receive the Welcome email, check your Spam or Promotions folders and drag it back into your main inbox.)  

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If you are new to the story of the Franklin Expedition, the articles on this site are a bad place to start.  They presuppose that one has read at least an introductory book such as Anthony Brandt’s The Man Who Ate His Boots, or Beattie & Geiger’s Frozen In Time.  [I started with Boots.]  Ideally one would also have read Russell Potter’s Finding Franklin.  

A tip on checking citations: use a shortcut like Command+F to access your browser’s text search function.  It’s a quick way to check the Bibliography for a reference, then loop back to where you started on the same keyword.  Alternatively, open a 2nd window with the same article, left open to the Bibliography for quick referencing.   

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