The Victorian Reliquary

Arnold 2020 Chronometer

Double-Barrelled Guns

Double-Barrelled Guns

Snow Goggles

Heart Gloves


Crozier's Watch

James Reid Watch Part

T11 Haul Strap

The Vicar of Wakefield

The Finger-Post

Franklin's Medal

Victory Point Record Tube

Victory Point Record Cap

Victory Point Record

Photos by Logan Zachary

1. Arnold 2020 Chronometer  (from the Boat Place)
2. Double-barreled Guns  (Boat Place)
3. Double-barreled Guns  (Boat Place)
4. Snow/sun goggles  (Boat Place)
5. Stitched-heart gloves  (Beechey Island)
6. Seaboot  (Starvation Cove)
7. Crozier’s Terror pocketwatch, 1839-43  (gift to a mate)
8. James Reid watch piece  (Inuit to John Rae)
9. Terror manhauling strap  (Crozier’s Landing)
10. The Vicar of Wakefield  (Boat Place)
11. The Finger-Post  (Beechey Island)
12. Franklin’s medal  (Inuit to John Rae)
13. The Victory Point Record container
14. The Victory Point Record container
15. The Victory Point Record