The tomb of James Clark Ross at Aston Abbotts.

By Logan Zachary.  August 13, 2023.

{ ▽ The tomb of James Clark Ross. }   

The tomb of James Clark Ross is in rural Buckinghamshire, in the village of Aston Abbotts, in the churchyard of St. James the Great.  Also commemorated are his wife Ann (née Coulman) and their daughter Anne Barker.  The portrait of Ross is by Wildman, held in Greenwich.  All photographs by the author; this page is a satellite to the Franklin Expedition Guide to London (link).

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{ ▽ Ross by Wildman, off-angle focus. }   

{ ▽ The tomb of James Clark Ross. }   

{ ▽ The tomb of James Clark Ross. }   

{ ▽ Ross by Wildman, hands detail. }   

{ Ross by Wildman, eyes detail. }   

{ ▽ Ross by Wildman, instrument detail. }   

{ ▽ Ross by Wildman, star detail. }   

{ ▽ Ross by Wildman. }   

{ ▽ The tomb of James Clark Ross. }   

{ ▽ Ann’s inscription. }   

{ ▽ Ann’s inscription detail. }   

{ ▽ Church of St. James the Great, Aston Abbots. }   

{ ▽ Church interior of St. James the Great. }   

{ ▽ Stained glass behind the altar. }   

To the Glory of GOD and in memory of
Rear Admiral Sir James Clark Ross and of Ann his wife
“With Christ which is far better” Phil 1 23.

The Ross portrait by John Robert Wildman is currently on display at Greenwich’s Polar Worlds (link), catalogued as BHC2981 at the National Maritime Museum (link).

 – L.Z.  August 13th, 2023.